Behind Super Facialist

Created in collaboration with super facialist Úna Brennan, the SUPER FACIALIST brand offers groundbreaking products to deliver real results for healthier, more beautiful skin. Each product expertly combines superior, innovative formulations with wonderful fragrances to indulge the senses while restoring skin health. Since no two complexions are the same, the range has been specifically developed to allow for tailored regimes for each individual. Potent plants and essential oils combine with proven active ingredients to perfectly connect nature, science and the senses, resulting in simple skincare that works – for everyone.

Behind the Brand

Úna Brennan has been specialising in skincare and giving facials for 17 years, firstly at home in Ireland, and, subsequently in London, where she has been working for the past thirteen years. 10 years ago she transformed her living room into a treatment room. She began with one client called Maia, an American girl who booked every 4 weeks at 6am, but didn’t realise she was her only client for many months, which they laugh a lot about now. She has never went about marketing to grow her business, preferring instead just to wait and see if her knowledge, passion, and most of all a great facial would be marketing enough. Slowly but surely, Maia told her friend who told her friend and Úna’s business grew.

Úna is now one of the most accomplished facialists and skincare specialists in the UK. Her true passion for skin health and in depth knowledge of ingredients and their benefits combined with her unique facials have built her a loyal and highly respected clientele and made her one of London’s best kept secrets.

Úna’s aim is to attain plump, vibrant, glowing, healthy skin at any age and for every skin type from the inside and out. Her belief is simple: “Skin is magnificently clever but at a very basic level it needs water in the cells and to be able to breathe”.

Her sought after facial treatments fulfil this basic need – they are logical, thorough with every single stage important, but most importantly they work with the skin, not against it. And just as all of our skin is the same but different, much like a fingerprint, so too are Una’s facials – they are all of similar structure but are, in every respect, bespoke. Her clients never know quite what they are going to get when they come in, from a freezing cold power ball of frozen enzymes (her favourite treatment to revitalise – icy cold!) to a physically lifting and plumping lymph drainage mask or to phytoplacenta sheet mask with freeze dried seaweed… there are so many combinations of treatments to hand so she can get the best targeted results for every skin.

Una’s special massage technique lifts, tones and transforms sagging, dull skin whilst helping to eliminate waste from and oxygenate the tissues at the same time. Deep cleaning of the pores is
also an essential part in nearly all her facials to enable skin to breathe better, as once this basic need is fulfilled, half of most skincare battles are won. Targeted treatments for specific skin problems like acne, sun damage, pigmentation, lifeless sagging skin are also available.

It is this exceptional customisation and passion for honest, uncomplicated yet effective skincare that has inspired the launch of the SUPER FACIALIST range. Now everyone can create their own expert facial every day just for their skin.