4 benefits of using a Facial Oil

Super Facialist Rose Facial Oil

Ever since double-cleansing was first introduced to the skincare world, there have been many stigmas attached to the everyday facial oil – including the myth that applying an oil to oily skin will increase the chance of a ‘breakout’… this is not the case.

Whether integrated as a pre-cleanse or leave-on treatment, there are many benefits associated with introducing a facial oil into your daily regime. We’ve covered four of the key benefits below.

Super Facialist Rose Facial Oil1. Added hydration

Did you know, facial oil can be applied before your everyday moisturiser or cream as a leave-on treatment? The nourishing consistency helps to combat dry and rough skin by rehydrating the complexion.

As retaining moisture and protecting the skin’s barrier is essential for sensitive skin types, a selection of facial oils on the market include ingredients which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids; the Super Facialist Rose Miracle Facial Oil is no exception.

The inclusion of Raspberry Oil (renowned for containing high Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids), ensures that dry skin is hydrated on-the-go.

2. The perfect pre-cleanse

Face oil, unlike many other alternative cleansing products, naturally penetrates the skin and is therefore capable of eliminating impurities deep beneath the skin’s surface.

When introduced as part of the double-cleansing method, our Rose Facial Oil removes dirt from within the pores and preps the most sensitive skin for a second-cleanse.

3. Boosted circulation

Unsure of how to use a facial oil? During the initial application, you should thoroughly (but gently) massage the face, neck and décolleté in circular motions.

Through gradual use, this method will reveal a plumper and healthier complexion, thanks to the increase in blood circulation at the skin’s surface.

Super Facialist Rose Hydrate Miracle Makeover Facial Oil4. Soothing ingredients

Some facial oils can, in fact, irritate sensitive and blemish-prone skin types, as they penetrate the skin’s barrier with a blend of high-performance oils to remove daily impurities, which causes the skin to have a reaction.

Our Rose Miracle Makeover Facial Oil has been expertly-formulated with sensitivity in-mind; combining a brown-algae derived active and Calendula oil, known for calming sensitivity – to not only hydrate, but also soothe the complexion.

As a result, even the most sensitive skin is left feeling thoroughly cleansed, recharged and suppler.

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