The importance of double-cleansing

Double cleansing | Super Facialist
Over the past few weeks, we’ve been reiterating the importance of a thorough cleansing routine.

Gone are the days of trusting a makeup wipe and a bar of soap to wash away the day – a thorough cleansing routine is essential to effectively remove makeup, SPF and creams (all formulated to resist moisture).

Along with the likes of Caroline Hirons and other skincare specialists, we’re huge advocates of the double-cleansing method – a tried and tested technique which was first introduced to the industry back in 2014 and has revolutionised our skincare routines since.


Whether you’ve spent the day wearing a full-face of makeup or opted for an SPF moisturiser, the first step in your cleansing routine should involve an oil or balm-based product to breakdown impurities and prepare skin for a second-cleanse.

We understand that choosing between a balm and an oil can be difficult. The benefits of using an oil-based cleanser is that it will deliver the same emulsifying capabilities as a balm, with a more lightweight approach to cleansing – providing a refreshing experience for various skin-types.

To effectively apply and remove cleansing oil, ensure that the oil is applied to the centre of the face and massaged outwards, making sure to tackle the neck and jawline. Then, run hands beneath warm running water and continue to massage the face to transform the residue into a milky lotion. Complete the first-cleanse by rinsing the remainder of the product away.

An excellent choice for those looking to boost radiance and remove daily impurities, is our Vitamin C Cleansing Oil which has become a customer favourite for numerous reasons, including its unique and lightweight formulation, refreshing scent, and surprising price-tag.


After an oil has been applied and washed away, a cleanser should be used to remove any leftover residue from the complexion.

At this stage, we recommend using a targeted cleanser to address your primary skin concerns; whether using a gel-based cleanser to treat sensitivity, a creamy formulation for added hydration, or a micro polish wash to gently exfoliate the complexion.

The good news is, our comprehensive range has been formulated with you and your skin-type in-mind, offering cleansing solutions for five skin concerns including: dryness, fine lines, dullness, blemishes and sensitivity.


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