Identifying your skin type

Identifying your skin type

Whether your complexion is prone to dullness, sensitivity or fine lines are beginning to emerge, people often identify with one of four skin types.

Here at Super Facialist HQ, we want to help you understand your skin’s needs, so you can become your very own Super Facialist #BeYourOwnSuperFacialist.

Normal skin

Unfortunately, few of us will sit within this category.

Skin is classed as ‘normal’ and balanced when the correct level of water is retained beneath the surface; resulting in no (or very few) imperfections, minimal sensitivity and barely visible pores. A ‘normal’ complexion will also boast natural radiance.

If you believe yourself to sit within this skin type, the good news is, you have free-reign of the complete collection.

To enhance and keep skin hydrated – without the need for any hard-hitting, acid-based ingredients – we recommend either the Pure (probiotic-based) or Vitamin C (brightening) ranges.

Combination skin

Those with combination skin usually witness oiliness within the T-Zone and dryness in the surrounding areas of the face. It is difficult for these individuals to rely on one targeted collection, therefore, we frequently recommend combining two collections to create a customised experience.

Having combination skin is most commonly associated with genetics or a hormone imbalance and can result in any of the following problems: an increase in blackheads, more prominent pores and general shininess.

To combat excess oil, try applying the Salicylic Acid Clay Mask to the T-Zone. Follow-up by applying our Rose Facial Oil directly to dry patches of the face to increase he hydrating properties of your chosen moisturiser.

Dry skin

While genetics can cause skin to be ‘dry’, there are also various contributing factors which increase the chances of dehydration, including: heating, weather, medication and hormone changes (to name a few). When skin is exposed to these drying factors, it can flake and peel, often resulting in itchiness and irritation.

Beyond the dry (often rough) appearance and texture of dry skin, the lack of water retention can also make fine lines more visible, decrease elasticity, produce red patches and reduce pore visibility.

The Rose range has been specifically formulated to increase hydration, however, there are a few alternatives available if you have secondary skin concerns. The Hyaluronic Acid range helps to boost moisture and reduce fine lines simultaneously, while the Pure range provides a gentler approach to hydration – the perfect choice for dry skin which is prone to sensitivity.

Oily skin

Having oily skin is (most commonly) a direct result of a hormone imbalance, which can be seasonally triggered by humid weather conditions. While it might not be the most attractive quality, this oiliness is commonly considered to be a wrinkle-fighter – naturally slowing down the signs of ageing.

Those with oily skin are more prone to imperfections (including blackheads and blemishes), as the oiliness has a tendency of clogging the complexion. A good detoxing skincare regime can help to control this excess oil.

Our Salicylic Acid skincare collection has been specifically formulated to combat blemishes and decongest the complexion, combining natural extracts, high-performance scientific ingredients and exquisite aromas for the ultimate (complete) cleansing experience.


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