5 night-time skincare tips for dry skin


Understanding the difference between how your skin should be treated during the day and at night-time can be a little confusing – especially if you struggle with dry, sensitive skin and are hesitant to cause more irritation.

The good news is, there are a selection of ways to treat your skin while you sleep which will ensure that you wake up with a more radiant, plumped and hydrated complexion in the morning, and we’ve covered them in this article.

1. As always, cleansing is key

Super Facialist Rose Calming Creamy CleanserIt’s extremely important to ensure that your face is thoroughly cleansed without causing additional irritation if you suffer with dry, flaky skin. Cleansing too rigorously can in fact strip the skin of natural oils, so it’s vital that those with dry skin opt for a gentle, mild and hydrating formulation specifically designed for the face.

Our Rose Calming Creamy Cleanser combines an expert blend of Shea and Cocoa Butters, plus Pro Vitamin B5, to gently remove daily makeup and impurities. It’s also been formulated with Marshmallow and Allantoin, which help to gently soothe and restore the skin’s natural pH balance.

To gently cleanse the skin, softly massage the creamy cleanser into the face, neck and décolleté using circular movements, then wash away the remaining product on the face using a warm, clean flannel and pat the skin dry.

2. Ensure a thick layer of night cream is applied

WSuper Facialist Rose Night Creame’ve already discussed the difference between day and night creams here.

The easiest way to identify a night cream is by its thicker consistency and the inclusion of more supercharged, high-performance ingredients, as they’re typically applied while your skin ‘rests’ and when sun exposure is not an additional factor.

For optimum results, apply a thick layer of your chosen moisturiser to the face and neck, and allow it to gradually sink into the skin – it might feel a little tackier than your go-to day cream within the first few hours, but it’s sure to rejuvenate the complexion more intensely.

Our Rose Peaceful Skin Night Cream for dry skin types combines Hyaluronic Acid, which is renowned for it’s hydrating and firming properties, with moisture-boosting precious Rosehip and soothing Cucumber/Willow.

3. Don’t forget eye cream

Super Facialist Vitamin C Dark Circles Eye CreamThe delicate, thin skin around your eyes requires a different level of treatment to the rest of your face, usually in the form of a thicker cream. A night eye cream is an important part of the skincare regime which is often overlooked.

For night-time use, we recommend applying our fragrance-free, Vitamin C Dark Circles Eye Cream – an ideal choice for all skin types.

The hydrating, high-potency formulation not only helps to target dark circles beneath the eyes thanks to the inclusion of Vitamin C, it’s also boosted with Caffeine to awaken the appearance of the under-eyes, Aloe Vera Juice to soothe the skin, and a proven anti-dark circle peptide to help reduce the appearance of fine lines.

4. For a more intense moisture boost, try using a hydrating facial oil

WSuper Facialist Rose Hydrate Miracle Makeover Facial Oile often recommend that our customers combine the Rose Facial Oil for dry skin into their skincare regime.

Typically, it is recommended that facial oil is applied separately to a cream-based product, but here at Super Facialist, we’re huge advocates of a mix-up technique – whether that involves adding one pump of our Rose Facial Oil to the Calming Creamy Cleanser for boosted hydrating benefits or introducing it to your night cream to reveal a thinner but more nourishing formulation.

5. Finally, aim to sleep for 7-9 hours per night

It might sound obvious but gaining the optimum amount of sleep every evening is hugely beneficial for you and your skin.

We appreciate that sometimes it can be a little hard to switch off, so we recommend drinking a cup of hot chocolate, spritzing your pillow with a lavender spray, winding down for an hour before bed by reading a book or listening to some relaxing music, and applying an eye mask, for the ultimate pre-sleep preparation.

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  1. These creams are just marvellous. I was using highly expensive brands before trying this range and since using them I get lots of compliments and can see the difference.

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