Why choose an oil-free cream?

Vitamin C Night Cream

The inclusion of oil in skincare products will cause few problems for dry skin types. Oily skin is, however, more susceptible to becoming clogged when oil-based products are used (especially when topically applied as a leave-on treatment), so an oil-free moisturiser can be hugely beneficial.

The difference between oils and oil-based products

Integrating a cleansing oil into your skincare regime as part of the double-cleansing method will help to effectively dissolve sebum and deep cleanse the skin.

In comparison, an everyday moisturiser is applied as a leave-on treatment and the inclusion of oil can therefore clog the pores and cause more concerns for combination-oily skin types.

Benefits of applying an oil-free moisturiser

Oil-free moisturisers are formulated to help problematic skin types achieve a shine-free finish, while boosting long-lasting hydration.

As an alternative to oils, oil-free moisturisers and creams tend to include humectants, e.g. Glycerin, as they help to draw water out from beneath the surface of the skin to increase hydration, as opposed to forming a greasy layer on-top of the skin.

Why choose our Vitamin C Night Cream?

Boosted with Vitamin C, an antioxidant renowned for brightening dull skin and helping to reduce scars and blemishes, our Vitamin C Sleep & Reveal Night Cream is the perfect all-rounder for long-lasting night-time hydration.

A thick and nourishing formulation which manages to feel lightweight on the skin, this oil-free night cream will help to bring a new level of vitality to your skin. When applied regularly, the rejuvenating cream will reveal a smoother, glowy complexion.

What about an oil-free serum?

If you’re looking to increase the brightening benefits of our Vitamin C Night Cream and increase hydration levels, why not apply our Vitamin C Glow Boost Serum first?

This oil-free serum not only helps to supercharge the brightening benefits of our night cream, it also includes Hyaluronic Acid for a more intense moisture-boost.


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