The benefits of using eye cream

Super Facialist | Benefits of applying eye cream

Have you shrugged eye cream off as a redundant step since it was first introduced to the skincare industry? You’re not alone – there are thousands of people struggling to identify the difference between daily moisturiser and eye cream.

In this article, we’ll be covering the various reasons to integrate an eye cream into your skincare routine and reiterating the importance of effectively treating the delicate eye area with targeted solutions.

Why should I apply an eye cream?

You might have already found a skincare regime which works for you and your skin – from your cleanser through to your go-to night cream – but did you know that the eyes require a different level of treatment?

The eye contour area has thinner, more fragile skin in comparison to the rest of the face, which makes it more prone to the early signs of ageing and general skin damage.

Eye creams are developed with this delicate skin in-mind and tend to equally prioritise reducing sensitivity (e.g. fragrance-free formulations) and providing super-charged benefits (e.g. highly moisturising ingredients to protect the thinner skin).

Benefits of applying eye cream


Minimising fine lines:Super Facialist Hyaluronic Acid Eye Cream SPF15

There are various factors which contribute towards fine lines and wrinkles (especially in the eye area), but the most common causes are prolonged sun exposure, tugging at the skin when removing makeup, not moisturising the eye area regularly, and rubbing at the eyes when they become itchy.

As your dermatologist will tell you, prevention is easier than cure, so applying a hydrating eye cream from a younger age will help to prevent fine lines for longer.

General protection:

The most common form of protection an eye cream can provide is the ability to prevent sun damage when the formulation has been packed with SPF.

Eye cream can also act as a protective barrier between the skin and any external factors (e.g. makeup and chemicals), preventing any further damage.

Super Facialist Vitamin C Dark Circles Eye CreamTreating concerns:

Here at Super Facialist, we are huge advocates of tailored skincare solutions for specific skin concerns. When purchasing an eye cream, we believe you should consider your primary concern regarding this area (e.g. is it dry and flaky, or more prone to oiliness) and then pick a tailored cream to suit.

Within our range, we offer a Hyaluronic Acid Eye Cream which provides hydration for dry skin types while firming the eye region, and a Vitamin C Eye Cream, which is ideal for most skin types but is best suited to dull and oily skin.

Both eye creams are fragrance, cruelty and paraben-free, have been dermatologically tested, and have been boosted with caffeine (alongside other concern-targeting ingredients) to awaken the under-eye region.

The correct way to apply eye cream

One of the most common things overlooked when using eye cream is the application process – rubbing the product into the skin can in fact cause more damage, due to the dragging motion on the delicate skin.

To avoid this, gently pat cream into the under-eyes using the ring fingers until the product has been absorbed. A rice sized amount of eye cream should do the job.


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