How to use facial oil

We’re often told that facial oils should be a fundamental step within our skincare regime, but how many of us truly know how to maximise their potential and integrate them into our routine, beyond the traditional apply and leave-on technique?

While facial oils are very different from moisturisers, as they help seal-in moisture and act as a barrier at the surface, as opposed to deeply penetrating the skin like a moisturiser, they are just as important.

Here are three of our top tips to get the most out of our Rose Miracle Makeover Facial Oil, the ultimate choice for dry skin (especially throughout the winter months).

Technique 1: Double-cleansing

We haven’t covered this technique within our how-to tutorial, but we often recommend that our customers who struggle with dry skin integrate our facial oil into their skincare regime as a first-cleanse to melt away makeup, daily dirt and grime, before second cleansing with a creamy or gel wash (e.g. a cleanser which is gentle on the skin).

This technique predominantly helps to dissolve impurities and remove makeup with ease, but also helps reduce the need for a more aggressive cleanser, as these can often increase the dryness of skin.

Technique 2: The mix-up technique

Super Facialist Rose Hydrate Miracle Makeover Facial OilWhether you choose to add it to your cleanser, day cream or night cream, one of the most popular ways to use facial oil is by dispensing a pump into another product and mixing the two together. This is because mixing an oil into a different formulation is renowned for locking-in moisture, especially if the cleanser or cream features ingredients which are recognised for hydration e.g. Hyaluronic Acid.

Our favourite way to cleanse using the rose range is to squeeze some of our Calming Cleanser onto the palm of the hand, add a pump of our Miracle Makeover Facial Oil, rub the hands together and apply the cleanser as usual.

This added step helps to increase the hydrating benefits of our cleanser, allows the formulation to remove impurities more quickly and efficiently, and will leave the skin smelling beautifully fragrant for hours.

Technique 3: Leave-on treatment

As mentioned above, a facial oil can be combined with your moisturiser to increase the hydrating benefits, however, this doesn’t have to be done using the mix-up technique. What many people like to do is apply their facial oil alone or before a cream-based product to boost the hydrating benefits.

While applying facial oil in-place of a moisturiser is a technique which has been followed for years, it has recently been suggested that best results are experienced from the leave-on method when the oil is accompanied by a moisturiser.

This is because the moisturiser gets to work at the root of the problem (e.g. addressing a lack of water retention beneath the surface causing additional dryness) and is usually supercharged by one or more hydrating ingredients, while the oil helps seal-in moisture and prevent future water loss.

For more information on the benefits of facial oil, check out this blog.

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