How does Vitamin C benefit skin?

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If you’ve ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought, ‘gosh, my skin looks dull’, you’re probably a. in the midst of winter and lacking vitamin D, b. haven’t slept for long enough, c. feel stressed, d. have neglected exfoliation… or perhaps all of the above.

There are plenty of daily factors which contribute towards a lack of radiance in the skin and while there are a few routes to counteract this, including a healthy and balanced diet, there are also a few skincare tips which could leave you looking (and feeling) a little more glowy.

Vitamin C, for example, is an antioxidant which has been raved about in the skincare industry over the past few years, with claims that (when topically applied) it can help to improve skin health, reduce pigmentation and stimulate collagen.

In this article, we’ll be running through the top benefits of introducing Vitamin C to your skincare regime and identifying whether it’s a good choice for you and your skin type.


You may or may not already know that the Epidermis (outer layer of the skin) and Dermis (inner layer) contain high levels of Vitamin C; the antioxidant is present to help keep skin healthy and support the production of natural collagen, which is why it can often be found in your favourite skincare products.

Due to its antioxidant capabilities, Vitamin C can help to combat several elements, whether neutralizing free radicals or reducing the numerous environmental factors which take their toll on our skin.

To name a few, these elements include pollution, excessive sun exposure and smoke, which can all contribute towards the breakdown of collagen in the skin. This can lead to a speed-up in the signs of ageing, dark spots appearing and a lack of radiance, which is where Vitamin C based skincare products come to the rescue.

Radiance Boosting & Anti Pigmentation

Super Facialist Vitamin C Brightening Skin Defence Daily MoisturiserWhen topically-applied on a regular basis, Vitamin C can help to reduce dark spots (hyperpigmentation within the skin), which are often associated with more mature skin, as well as boosting general radiance.

Not only does it function well on its own, it also provides a more intensified brightening experience when combined with several other ingredients, including Licorice.

We’ve boosted a handful of the products within our Vitamin C+ Brighten range with both as key ingredients, including our Micro Polish Wash, Daily Moisturiser (which was recently recommended by Grazia and featured in the Latest in Beauty Repair & Renew box), Eye Cream and Night Cream, with Vitamin C featured as the key ingredient across the entire range.

Collagen Stimulating

Vitamin C is a high-performance component where the signs of ageing are concerned, as it helps to increase and speed-up the production of collagen within the skin and therefore promote a more youthful complexion.

We’ve previously discussed the benefits of collagen in the skin, but to recap, a healthy supply of collagen beneath the surface of the skin will help to maintain the skin’s health, firmness and provide the skin with enough flexibility to maintain its soft texture and appearance.

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