6 ways to use our Soothing Facial Mist for dry skin

Super Facialist Rose Soothing Facial Mist for dry skin

Wondering how your skincare and makeup routine could benefit from introducing a new face mist?

In this article, we’ll be sharing six ways to use and benefit from our new Rose Hydrate Soothing Facial Mist – a must-have if you have dry, sensitive or normal skin, require a quick boost of hydration, and have a budget to stick to.  

Best of all? You receive our signature combination of high-performance ingredients, natural extracts and exquisite aroma for an impressive £9.

1. Lock your makeup into place

Super Facialist Rose Soothing Facial Mist

Our Rose Soothing Facial Mist has been boosted with a light fixative effect. A gentle spritz can help increase the longevity of your makeup, especially your base.

It also merges powder and liquid products together, helping you avoid ‘cakey’ makeup but still achieve that flawless, full coverage finish.

2. On-the-go hydration

If you’re confident enough to brave a bare face, especially during the summer months when the weather is humid (we don’t blame you), then our hydrating face mist is the ideal choice.

When pressed, a continuous mist is released, which has been boosted with a selection of hydrating ingredients to deliver a cooling sensation to the skin – a bonus for all skin types, but especially dry and sensitive skin.

3. Prime

Due to it’s slightly tacky, fixative texture, our Soothing Facial Mist can give your skin a boost of hydration while helping makeup cling to your pores. Spray onto cleansed skin before your chosen moisturiser to maximise its priming capabilities.

To apply, simply close your eyes and mouth, and spray the mist all over your face from arm’s length until the desired result is achieved.

4. Dampen your beauty sponge

Perhaps it’s a little lazy, but we don’t have the time or energy to run to the bathroom to dampen our face sponge in the morning – so we’re huge fans of wetting it using a facial mist.

As it releases a gentle but continuous mist, this product is the perfect choice for spraying your sponge. The fine mist allows you to easily control how damp or dry it is before using it to apply your base.

Note: if you haven’t been wetting your sponge until now, this step is going to majorly step-up your foundation and concealer blending game.

5. Makeup touch-ups

Scenario: you’re planning to go from a day in the office to a night of socialising without the chance to take off your existing makeup, aka. you’re planning to pile powder on top of powder to keep your oily t-zone at bay. We’ve all been there.

Sadly, this can leave the skin a little dry, but the good news is, a spritz of face mist can bring your complexion back to life and help you avoid dry patches/cracking. Game. Changer.

6. Calm the skin

As it’s been boosted with a selection of ingredients well suited to sensitive and dry skin types, including Aloe Vera Juice, Rose Extract, Hibiscus and Rosehip (renowned for providing intense hydration), our Soothing Facial Mist can help to bring some balance back to your skin, whether applied prior to or after makeup.

Bonus: it’s also infused with our signature rose scent, so it’ll help your skin smell, feel and look fresher in an instant.


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